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09/09/17 - Karma Basement - Norwich
07/10/17 - VFD Basement - London


Much love to everyone that came down to the last dance... See you at the next one...

Love Is...: By Row G Records


Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1265717963518348/​​​​​​​


Every Thursday. 19:00-21:00.
House music. Live from the loft.



THE RENDEZVOUS: The First Thankyou

Mate. That was a proper party. Do well to everyone that came and made it such a special night! Untill next time...



Our first event will be held @ The Alley on the 15th of October. (I guess you could call it an in-store?)

2016 ... Be apart of these magical times.

( more info >> https://www.facebook.com/events/1764051853835379/ )


RG will be opening a pop up shop every other Saturday (Starting the 3rd of September 2016) @ The Alley Cafe/Bar untill we can find a permanent home.

We will be open from 12:30-21:00(maybe later) so come in and have a flick through our selection the right way.

The Alley is a cafe/bar situated on Bridewell Alley next door to Moosey Art Gallery. Great Coffee, Great Booze, Great Stuff.



This year’s Parklife was absolutely silly and happy days were shared by many, but what stood out most for us and a lot of other people was.  


Take your hats off.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t know already, they excel in throwing unique carnival - esque parties. The sheer amount of effort they put in for the crowd is truly touching.
It also seems they take a lively vibe where ever they go, whether it be Barcelona, Space or Manchester. Nothing changes.
Endless amounts of confetti, umbrellas and inflatables seem ritual and provide a unique clubbing experience for all, but what caught everyones attention, was the atmosphere.
Happy faces, loud cheering and bright colours seem to come naturally to the parties and proves the fact that the dancers are what makes a party a party.
Elrow’s emphasis on providing sheer energy to the crowd is so clever and something that us at ROW G are completely inspired by. 

We regard the dancers as important as the music and sometimes a lot of the focus seems to be upon the DJ. When really, the good times are happening amongst a bunch of people dancing together. These unforgettable moments deserve to be captured, as they count as very special moments in our lives on this planet! 

Big love to Warehouse Project, Elrow and Grace Humby : ) (for offering your room in the famous Fallowfield Tower) 

(Photo creds // Big K)  






Hello world,

Starting Row G Records was not an easy one and it has felt like a long journey, but we are proud to have built something as raw and as special as ROW G.

After a trip to the Dam back in 2015, we were lucky enough to experience the cities finest, Studio 80, before it had to shut it's front door to an underground community that has been grooving to its sounds for a long time. It was sad to see and despite not actually being apart of that community, the vibe inside the club made us feel apart of something not many people get to feel apart of. We knew then, that we wanted to create something back home for ourselves and for others, where people can belong and feel the same connection that we felt in that club. So after an experience we had in the dingy venue, we give you, ROW G.

Our goal - To keep the underground scene alive with the records that are still pressed onto vinyl and to give people a feeling that they are apart of something. Our ancestors had it, so why can't we?

One of our biggest passions in life is digging and as an independent record store with not a lot of money, we are taking it upon ourselves to confirm that every record in stock will be worth every penny. Although we may not stock as many records as others, we can ensure you that every record is worth a listen.

So you better support to keep this sh*t alive. In the wise words of Detroit legend Theo Parrish "if you aint playin' records, you ain't playin'".

We hate that pretentious "I know more than you" feeling you get every time you enter a record store ready to dig and we know we are not a walk in store (yet) ... but we want to make people feel welcome. So f*ck your knowledge. We just want to hear good music and get down.

Blessed with a new loft space, it's the perfect headquarters for the RG family to take care of business. Running the website, hosting parties and producing new records for all you good people to hear.

From now till forever we plan to host parties not only in the loft, but in other special venues across the UK, so that we can all unite as a family. Everyone is invited.

Join us on our journey. 2016 till forever.

T V x


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Thank you, Studio 80.


Welcome home.


First sess


Sounds for a party back last summer. Big ups to Gooch.
All funded by the back pockets of the fam.




V spinnin' some.